Louie the Lung

Meet Louie the Lung. Notice how he's nice and pink and smiling? That's because he's healthy! Louie the Lung doesn't smoke because he knows that it isn't good for him. He doesn't care what other people think and only does what he thinks is cool. Be like Louie the Lung: DON'T SMOKE!!

Bruiser the Loser

This is Louie's brother, Bruiser the Loser. Notice how he's purple, frowning and in generally bad shape? That's because he smokes! Bruiser the Loser started smoking because he saw the other kids doing it and he thought it was cool. Nowadays, because he smokes, Bruiser can't play or do anything else he used to enjoy without losing his breath and having a coughing fit. Don't be like Bruiser the Loser: DON'T SMOKE!!